Why Do My Sprinklers Have Low Water Pressure?

Why Do My Sprinklers Have Low Water Pressure

In order to have a vibrant and healthy yard, it’s vital that your sprinkler system works properly. While there are many things that can go wrong with a sprinkler system, one of the leading problems involves low water pressure. When the water pressure is too low, the sprinkler system will not function correctly. If this issue occurs, it’s best to have a professional sprinkler repair company come to address it promptly.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the common reasons why your sprinklers may have low water pressure.

Backflow Preventer Valve Issue

One of the leading reasons for low sprinkler water pressure relates to the valves on your backflow preventer device. If you notice limited water pressure in your sprinkler system but normal water pressure inside your home, then the problem might be that your backflow preventer valves are not completely open.

If this is the only issue, the fix is simple: access your backflow valves and open them completely to improve your water pressure. Most backflow preventer devices have two pipes: one that is horizontal and one that is vertical. Since there is typically a valve on both pipes, we’ll make sure that all valves are fully open. The valves are open once they are parallel to the pipe. We make sure to make adjustments to the horizontal pipe first before moving onto the vertical pipe. To ensure that this is done correctly and that it is the only cause for concern with your sprinklers, it is best to have a professional handle this process.

Water Line Leak or Break

A much more concerning problem involves a break or leak in your water line. This issue is typically caused by digging too close to a water line, then accidentally breaking it. This is common when homeowners install garden stakes or fence posts and accidentally damage one of these lines. If this is the case for your home, then you should call a sprinkler repair technician immediately.

A sign that you have a broken line or leak is if you notice any depressions or abnormally wet areas on your lawn. Another sign is if you see water bubbling, which could indicate where the leak is located. One other sign to look out for is a series of sprinkler heads that aren’t working correctly. This could also indicate where the leak is located. To ensure that the problem is detected and fixed properly, it’s highly recommended that you call the professionals at Andy’s Sprinkler to handle the whole process.

Shut-Off or Main Water Valves Aren’t Fully Open

Other valves you have to keep in mind include the shut-off valve and main water valve. Sprinkler systems typically have a shut-off valve that connects to your home’s water supply. To ensure adequate water pressure, be sure that this valve is opened all the way. You’ll also want to keep in mind your main water valve, which is the valve that provides water for your entire home. To ensure proper water pressure, make sure that this valve is completely open as well. To help find these valves and ensure they are fully open, contact a professional for assistance.

Clogged or Dirty Sprinkler Heads

Sometimes sprinklers may indicate that there is a water pressure problem, but sometimes the issue lies within the sprinkler head. When sprinkler heads are clogged or dirty, then water is unable to flow properly through the system. If this issue is the culprit, you’ll typically notice some sprinkler heads that are flowing properly and others that aren’t. In this case, you’ll need to have the sprinkler heads thoroughly cleaned and inspected for other issues. There are multiple steps that go into the proper cleaning process, so be sure to schedule an appointment with a professional company for sprinkler head cleaning service.

Water Line Obstruction

Another common culprit of low water pressure involves what’s happening underground. If you have trees and large shrubs in your yard or close by, then their rooting systems can easily infiltrate your water line. Over time, roots can wrap around or pierce your water line, thus causing low water pressure. To find a solution to this problem, it is highly recommended that you call a reputable service provider.

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