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Top Sprinkler System Experts in Lubbock TX

If you have a professionally installed sprinkler system, chances are you painstakingly maintain the health and appearance of your lawn and foliage. But even the best sprinkler systems have issues every now and then, and when they do, your landscaping will suffer if the system is not promptly repaired. Sprinkler System Experts in Lubbock

At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting, we’re here to help when your sprinklers are on the fritz. For over 30 years, we’ve proudly served Lubbock homeowners with comprehensive sprinkler system repair, system maintenance, and irrigation system reroutes. We know how much you love your lawn, and that’s why we’re always ready to help you care for it. How can we help you get your sprinkler system back on track? We provide:

  • Sprinkler system repair. Whether you’re dealing with broken sprinkler heads, a faulty control box, broken valves, clogged nozzles, broken pipes, poor spray patterns, or damaged wires, we can fix the problem. If the affected part is damaged beyond repair, we’ll replace it instead.
  • Irrigation system reroutes. If your aging sprinkler system needs an update, we’re here to help. Whether you have drip irrigation or standard sprinklers, we can reroute your system to accommodate any alteration in your landscaping or home design. We can also install drip irrigation in potted plants or pop-up micro-sprinklers for more efficient irrigation of decorative landscaping. Regardless of your reason for needing a sprinkler system reroute at your Lubbock home, we’ll get the job done. 
  • Sprinkler system maintenance. All sprinkler systems age, and over time, certain components fail or stop working efficiently. That’s where we come in. Our expert irrigation techs can inspect every part of your sprinkler system for proper functionality and placement. Depending on what we find, we can repair it, replace it, update it, or adjust it to ensure your system performs flawlessly.

Upgrade to Drip Irrigation

When you live in Texas, droughts come with the territory — but your lawn doesn’t have to suffer because of them. With the right irrigation system, you can ensure your yard remains green and lush while minimizing water use and adhering to local conservation regulations. When properly installed on your Lubbock property, a drip irrigation system results in minimal water runoff, negligible evaporation, and deep soil percolation, leaving your grass and foliage healthy, full, and vibrant. 

How does drip irrigation help you achieve a stunning lawn even in times of drought? The system is designed to slowly release drips of water over time that absorb directly into the soil and root zone of your grass and other plants. Unlike sprinkler irrigation, where water lands and sits on the surface of your foliage, water from a drip irrigation system immediately enters the soil. As a result, drip irrigation effectively prevents evaporation and excessive runoff. With regular operation, you’ll enjoy reduced water usage as you irrigate your plants more efficiently.  

Expert Drainage Solutions in Lubbock

Does your property have poor water drainage? Do you frequently find areas of standing water? We’re here to fix that. At Andy’s Sprinkler, we provide a range of drainage solutions designed to efficiently divert water away from your yard and your home’s foundation. The drainage options that we offer to our Lubbock customers include: 

  • Channel drains. Perfect for poor driveway drainage, a channel drain collects and diverts water across large areas. With a channel drain, gravity forces surface water to flow into a linear underground trench that drains water along its entire length.
  • French drains. If you have a soggy lawn, a French drain can help solve the problem. With a French drain, excess surface and subsurface water channel through a bed of gravel that surrounds perforated, underground piping. That water then flows through the piping toward the drain exit, which is located in a designated drainage ditch or near the street.
  • Catch basins. A critical component in most drainage systems, catch basins rely on gravity to draw in surface water and direct it toward underground drainage pipes. They also help prevent yard debris from entering the drainage system, which reduces the likelihood of clogs.  
  • Sump pumps. If your yard has poor drainage, water can rapidly accumulate around your home’s foundation, which can result in flooding and structural damage. We can install an outdoor sump pump, which collects excess water around your foundation and pumps it out and away from your home. 

Professionally Installed Outdoor Lighting

Planning on spending time outdoors after the sun goes down? Need more nighttime visibility to safeguard your property? We’ve got you covered. Professionally installed outdoor lighting around your Lubbock home adds the perfect finishing touch while providing an extra layer of protection to your home. 

When it comes to landscape lighting, there are three important considerations: design efficiency, the amount of additional security the lighting provides, and the aesthetic value of the display. As expert lighting installers, we provide landscape lighting design to ensure your setup meets all three criteria. After we’ve mapped out the most suitable locations for your new lighting, we’ll get to work on your outdoor lighting installation. At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting, we treat your property as we’d treat our own, which means we only use high-quality, tested products from manufacturers we trust. From the transformer and cables to the lights themselves, you can count on our team to install only the best. 

What if your new exterior lighting system has problems? Good news: We can fix them. Because all lighting systems require routine upkeep and occasional parts replacement, we also provide landscape lighting repair and maintenance. If your lights aren’t working according to their design, give us a call, and we’ll bring them back to life. 

Andy’s Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting, we’re committed to delivering the highest level of customer service because we know it’s what our clients deserve. We started our company over 30 years ago with a simple desire to provide high-quality help to homeowners, and today, that desire is as strong as ever. What sets our Andy’s team apart? Our ongoing commitment to outstanding service has earned us:

Besides our many accolades, we also ensure each of our contractors is fully licensed and insured to perform work on your property. It’s always been our goal to provide our customers with unmatched peace of mind when we work on their properties. That’s why, for over three decades, we’ve maintained an impressive roster of long-term clients and customer referrals. 

About Lubbock, TX

Lubbock, TX, is a uniquely charming city that fuses classic West Texas heritage and friendliness with modern flair and convenience. The city boasts a number of award-winning wineries, art exhibits, live shows, and a vibrant nightlife, which are just a few reasons why millions of visitors travel to the area each year. Though the area has grown considerably over recent years, it maintains a cohesive, family-friendly feel that makes it a perfect place to settle down. 

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