Why Your Sprinkler Head Leaks

Sprinkler head leaks can be extremely frustrating, resulting in the needless waste of water and higher water bills. The frustration level gets ratcheted up even higher when you can’t figure out why the problem is happening. Here are some of the most common causes for this irritating issue.

1. Low Drainage Problems

If your sprinkler head leaks even when you have the system turned off, you may have an issue with low drainage. This occurs when the lowest sprinkler head in the system allows water to drain from the lateral pipes because of gravity. The water that stays in the system will not be able to flow normally and puddles could form in your yard as a result. If these puddles become large enough, you may need to call a professional to have a drain check valve installed.

2. Filter Obstructions

Your sprinkler systems’ filters can become blocked with debris and dirt over time. This will lead to a reduction in water flow or even a complete lack of flow – even if the system is running.

3. A Poor Connection

A bad connection is one of the most common reasons that sprinkler head leaks occur. In order to fix this problem, the entire system must be carefully examined so that the bad connection can be located. Once the leaking valve is identified the problem could be solved by cleaning it. However, if that works it will probably need to be replaced.

4. Blockage in the Nozzle

It’s important that you regularly check your system’s nozzles to make sure they are not clogged by debris. Overgrowing plants or even trash can cause clogs. In addition, grass can grow over time and keep the nozzles from being able to move properly.

5. Line Punctures

The portion of the sprinkler system that runs underground can be susceptible to developing holes. If you see water pooling in a certain area of your yard, or a certain portion seems to be wetter than others, then a hole may be present.

Sprinkler Head Leaks

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