3 Reasons You Need a Drainage System Installed

Drainage SystemYou obviously want your home and the rest of your property to look its best. However, as much as people concentrate on making the inside and outside of their house, as well as their landscaping, look great, many people ignore the need for an effective yard drainage system. Just as too little water can cause problems, too much water can be even worse. Here are three common problems that could be substantially reduced – or even eliminated entirely – with proper drainage.

Flooded Gutters

When we’re lucky enough to get a lot of rain in this area, that’s when your drainage system (if you have one) will be put to the test. If you don’t have proper drainage, the area at the bottom of your gutters can quickly become waterlogged during a heavy downpour. Not only can this ruin your landscaping, it can also cause damage to the exterior of your home. If it gets bad enough, it can even result in interior damage. A good drainage system can collect water as well as debris and direct it safely away from your home.

Lawn Puddles

If you see pools of water form on your lawn after a period of heavy rain, that’s happening because the water has no place else to go. A good drainage system, however, can save your landscape while not detracting from the attractiveness of your yard.

Water Accumulation on Hard Surfaces

If your driveway or walkway often resemble small wading pools after it rains for an extended period of time, that can slowly do damage to the structure of your home. Proper drainage will move that water and substantially reduce the chance of any damage taking place.

At Andy’s Sprinkler, we offer several drainage system solutions. We’ll work closely with you to determine whether a French drain, sump pump, dry well, re-sloping your landscape or some other option will best meet your needs. Call us at 817-608-0660 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.