Advantages of Drip Irrigation | Andy’s Sprinkler

Drip line systems installed by Andy’s Sprinkler deliver moisture to the soil and roots of plants slowly. These systems use specialized hoses that deliver water at a slow and steady rate so that the soil can more easily take it in. They can be installed above ground or below the surface, near the roots.

Saves Time

They can be a part of an automatic sprinkler system, requiring little maintenance. Their low-maintenance characteristics save a gardener, home owner, or business owner significant time and energy by eliminating the need to stay outside to water plants, or turn the water on and off.

Saves Water, Saves Time, Saves Cash | Advantages of Drip Irrigation

Conserves Water

Drip irrigation systems are a great choice for dessert locations, or anywhere else people want to conserve water. With other watering systems, the soil is deluged with water, much of which does not reach the plants roots, and is wasted as it pools on the surface of the soil and evaporates or drains into lower ground that is not meant to be watered.

Saves Cash

They also save a notable amount of cash. Since a drip system uses only about 50% of the amount of water used by a sprinkler, the water bill will reflect the difference. All-in-all, drip irrigation in Dallas has useful advantages. For more information about drip lines or sprinkler repair, call Andy’s Sprinkler Drainage and Lighting at 214-389-3412.