Are Your Sprinklers Ready for Spring? | Austin Sprinklers Repair

You’ve made the investment in a quality sprinkler or irrigation system, and you’re looking forward to enjoying a lush, green lawn this spring and summer. However, there are steps you should take to make sure your sprinklers are ready for use first. Whether you have a new system from Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services or an older one, it’s important to do a little spring maintenance on your system.

Beware of Water Hammer

Beware of Water Hammer

Over the winter, air builds up in your lines. When the water starts filling the system, the air has nowhere to go. The result is banging pipes and potential damage, including blown fittings and broken sprinkler heads. Avoid sprinkler system repair by following the right steps to recharge your sprinkler system.

  1. Dig down to make sure the soil is frost-free a full foot below the top of the ground.
  2. If your system doesn’t have air valves or pressure relief valves to relieve the pressure, remove sprinkler heads at the highest points of your different zones. This gives the air somewhere to go and prevents damage.
  3. Fill the system slowly one zone at a time.
  4. Close off the air valves or replace sprinkler heads when water is coming out of the heads and the air bubbles are eliminated.

Make Necessary Repairs

You may have to call your Austin sprinkler company to handle any repairs after the system is recharged. Fittings and seals can break over the long winter, and repairing them should be done at the start of the warm weather. It’s wise to have some extra fittings on hand just in case.

The best way to make sure your system is ready for spring is to call for a sprinkler system check-up from Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services of Austin. We will check your system for any freeze damage, perform repairs, and recharge the lines. Once the system is filled with water, we will do another inspection to pinpoint any damage and handle the repairs.

With our valuable services, you can be confident that your system will be ready for spring. Call us today to make an appointment at 512-836-5100.