As Drought Continues, Water Restrictions Increase

Water RestrictionsApproximately two-thirds of the state of Texas is in either a “moderate” or “worse” drought, according to the Texas Water Development Board, with about 25 percent of the state suffering from “extreme” drought conditions. As a result, you can expect water restrictions to continue – or even increase – even in areas such as North Texas where the drought has eased somewhat in several locations. That makes it more important than ever to do your part to conserve water.

Not a Pretty Picture

If you look at a “drought map” of Texas, you’ll see several areas shaded in ugly red and dark brown. These denote areas where extreme drought is being felt. Although the worst of the drought is being felt in the Panhandle and far North Central Texas, a huge red splotch covers the middle of the state as well. In Dallas/Fort Worth, we are mostly in the “severe” category.

What this means, of course, is that water restrictions put in place in 2013 will likely be extended throughout the summer, according to a report on the KDFW website. The problem is especially dire just north of Dallas. For example, in Little Elm residents are only able to water their lawns once every two weeks. If they want to wash their cars, they can only do so with a rag.

Making the Most of What We Have

When faced with these kinds of severe water restrictions, people have to turn to more efficient ways of making sure their lawns get the moisture they need. One method is drip irrigation, which gets water to plants, trees, flowers and other parts of a landscape where they need it the most – their root system. This method saves a great deal of water and promotes deeper root growth.

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