Does Automatic Watering Save Water?

How to Save water with an Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Yards as competition

The world over, people make a competition out of maintaining an amazing front yard. Many are willing to spend vast amounts of time, money, and energy to get their yard ready to win every summer season. The people who consistently win “Best Yard” awards generally have a secret up the sleeves of their garden gloves, and while some are not willing to share, one of the secrets is no secret at all.

Automatic sprinklers

Homeowners who know their stuff know that a professionally-installed automatic sprinkler system saves them time. It also can ensure that the whole yard is thoroughly watered, and therefore there are no thin spots. A common misconception, though, is that an automatic sprinkler system uses more water over the long run.

But it’s simply not true.

Automatic sprinkler systems do conserve water, which saves you, the homeowner, money. Read on for more information about the benefits of installing an automatic sprinkler system!

Elimination of potential over-watering

If you have ever walked through a neighborhood where water pools on the sidewalk or street, directly in front of recently-watered lawns, you may believe this is normal. But it’s not. Overwatering is not possible with an automatic sprinkler system. The built-in sensors register the amount of water present in the soil, and shuts off the system when the ground is sufficiently watered.

Avoiding under-watering

The other end of the spectrum is also covered by installing an automatic sprinkler system. The same sensors register the lack of water in the soil, and will ensure that the saturation level is reached and maintained without you having to lift a finger.

Not forgetting to shut it off

No one wants to turn on the sprinkler in the morning, and when it gets hot, go inside and forget to shut it off. And what if you water in the evening? What happens if you go to bed before you turn it off. That becomes a recipe for muddy mornings, or wet pajama bottoms when you remember your mistake. An automatic sprinkler system handles it all for you!

What about when it rains?

Who knows for sure how much water your yard needs after a summer shower? Not this blogger! But your automatic sprinkler system constantly monitors the level of saturation in your lawn, and if the rain did the job, then guess what! Mother Nature just saved you money! If the rain was more of a drizzle, then your sprinkler system will automatically adjust, and provide what Mama Nature didn’t.


Automatic sprinkler systems save money, time, and hassle!

The owners of the best yards in your neighborhood already know the secret, and now you do, too! Here in Dallas, Andy’s Sprinkler is here to get you set up to have one of the best yards this summer! Give us a call today!

Bonus Round!

When is the best time to water my lawn?

The short answer is – in the morning before the sun really gets warming up. The longer answer would require a new blog post, so, we’ll just leave it there for now.


There is a new blog post! Keep an eye out for it in the next week! It’s all about this topic, so don’t miss it.