Avoid Standing Water With French Drains

French Drains Help With Water Leakage

Are you experiencing a soggy lawn or flooded basement after a heavy rain fall? It may be time to get a French drain installed in your yard. Here at Andy’s Sprinkler, we can help you divert the water flow away from your yard and basement with French drains. These drains are perforated pipes that are surrounded by small pieces of gravel in a slightly sloped trench. They are buried under your lawn to help lead extra amounts of water away from your home.

French Drains Help With Water Leakage

Monsoon season always brings many problems for homeowners. As a result, some experience leaks in their homes, soggy yards, and erosion issues. Recently, in Arizona, several homeowners found that the excess water was seeping into their ground-level homes, as well as their basements. The Yavapai County Contractors Association (YCCA) concluded that these water issues could have been avoided if the homeowners had installed French drains.

Sources report that some people wondered if installing French drains could be a DIY project. Actually, it is a fairly labor-intensive project; after talking to several landscaping companies, it was determined that it takes an expert to complete the job. If done correctly, with professional help, a French drain can work properly and keep the excess water out of the home and off the lawn.

A French Drain from Andy’s is the Answer

If you are finding water leaking into your basement, or are tired of standing water on your lawn, it may be time to get a French drain. With Andy’s Sprinkler, we will make sure your landscape and foundation is protected with quality French drains and Dallas sprinklers. Contact our Dallas location today at (214) 389-3412 to have your French drain installed.

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