Avoiding Overwatering with an Irrigation System

Avoiding Overwatering with an Irrigation SystemSimply put, overwatering is supplying your lawn or garden with too much water each day. Overwatering often leads to beloved plants drowning or developing root rot over time. If not properly corrected, overwatering can easily kill an entire landscape. Even with an irrigation system or container gardening, overwatering is a common problem. Sometimes, hiring an expert to install or tune your irrigation system can make a world of difference.

Symptoms of Overwatering

When you overwater your lawn, there are clear signs that may include compacted soil, necrotic ring spots, brown patches, and an overabundance of water-borne insects. We’re talking about mosquitoes and dying lawns. Believe it or not, overwatering is worse for your lawn than underwatering.

  • Necrotic Ring Spot – Caused by severe overwatering over an extended period, Necrotic Ring Spot forms literal rings of dying grass throughout your landscape.
  • Brown Patches – Brown Patch is a lawn disease caused by overwatering and underwatering. The affected grass will wilt and begin to brown.
  • Soil Compaction – You’ll likely notice soil compaction underneath a shady tree, and it is often caused by overwatering. Compaction can be quite severe, as it leads to increased soil erosion and reduced production.

Efficient Irrigation System Solutions

The best method to prevent overwatering is professionally installing an irrigation system. Now, there are two primary types of irrigation systems on the market today: sprinkler systems and drip irrigation. Most experts favor drip irrigation. It is a discreet, efficient system that reduces water waste and cuts down on your monthly expenses

No matter which type of irrigation system you choose, you are benefiting from the results. Regarding overwatering, irrigation systems supply only so much water to the area before shutting down, so there is less runoff or evaporation, and the water soaks right into the soil. Nothing is wasted.

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