Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can turn any dim lawn into a show-stopper. Many people don’t realize all the great benefits that can be gained from adding landscape lighting. Aside from the obvious aesthetics, landscape lighting has a multitude of other positives that can increase the value of your home and even protect you from crime.


If you have a tiered stone or brick path from the street to the front door, you will want some landscape lighting to illuminate your path at night time. Unexpected stairs can result in a nasty fall which can cause injury to your family or guests. If you have lighting alongside your walkway, it minimizes the risk that someone may misstep.

Crime Deterrent

The more lights you have on the outside of your house, the less likely a burglar is going to be interested. Landscape lighting has the dual purpose of looking great and providing light to those areas around your home that may be vulnerable to a break in. Put some stylish lights under a window, or surrounding the doors. This will ensure that even if someone is brazen enough to break in, someone will catch a glimpse and call the authorities.


The most obvious benefit of landscape lighting is it looks great. Well-placed lighting can compliment any yard. It can add value to your house and allow you to appreciate your landscaping even after the sun goes down.

Landscape lighting installation can be complex. Make sure that you call a licensed landscaping professional before attempting an install. The electrical connections combined with the moist nature of the outside can result in a hazardous situation where serious injury can occur. Our experts at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting are available to help with choosing great looking landscape lighting that can protect your home or business. Contact us today!