Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

There’s no better time than summer to spruce up your backyard. When you spend time outside entertaining family and friends, you’ll need adequate outdoor lighting to illuminate your yard. Whether you’re relaxing outside on your patio or want to use a spotlight to add drama to trees, shrubs, and distinctive landscaping, outdoor lighting can serve these purposes, while at the same time adding beauty and character to your home. Here are some of the many benefits of outdoor lighting to consider when planning your outdoor space:


Extend your living areas by lighting your outdoor landscape. If you have a deck or patio with seating, add comfortable and attractive lighting to enable you to use these areas after dark. The ambiance of outdoor seating can be pleasant and inviting, especially when you feature attractive outdoor lighting that adds to your outdoor decor. Be sure to install LED yard lighting for night, which is less likely to attract mosquitoes than incandescent lights.


The safety of your family and guests when outside or entering the home is another benefit of outdoor lighting. Since evenings are prime-time for summer entertaining, lighting is an essential safety measure so guests can avoid potentials dangers such as unlit stairs, walkways, pools, and other tripping hazards. Light walkways to ensure that people navigate these areas safely. Zone lighting can be effective for lighting a patio, deck, pool area or outdoor seating area. Illuminate sidewalks, driveways, garages, house numbers, and entryways to keep your landscape safe after dark and also allow visitors to find your home with ease. The more lights, the safer your outdoor areas will be.


An illuminated landscape and yard presents a feeling of security and maintenance. Lights illuminating your home’s exterior makes the house less of a target for crimes like vandalism or burglary. When you keep your outdoor areas well-lit, a criminal cannot hide or approach your home as easily. When people see a well-lit yard, they often perceive that property as cared for and well maintained; lighting also makes it difficult for a potential break in to go unnoticed, which can deter criminals from trespassing on your property and theft. When choosing where to place landscape lighting for security, consider the darkest areas of the yard and the places near the home where a burglar could enter.

Curb AppealBenefits of Outdoor Lighting

The most obvious advantage to outdoor lighting is the enhancement of your home’s overall appearance. Outdoor lighting highlights architectural features of your home, and adds drama to your landscaping. A well-lit home also presents a cared for impression to the entire neighborhood. In contrast to a dark and drab home, your illuminated home will appear warm and inviting and draw people in. Landscape lighting makes your house stand out and boosts its curb appeal at night.

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Regardless of the purpose, there are many positive benefits to having outdoor lighting. From increasing safety and security to adding style and beauty, outdoor lighting offers both aesthetic and functional benefits to your home. Call our landscape lighting design experts or complete our easy appointment request, and we’ll meet with you to determine which outdoor lighting products will best meet your needs and help transform your yard into a beautiful, secure place.