Choosing the Perfect Landscape Lighting | Outdoor Lighting

Your home becomes a different place at night. Add interest and safety after dark by choosing the perfect landscape lighting.

Lights come in many forms and there are several reasons why you would use light around your home. As a first-rate Austin lighting company, we at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services will work with you to choose from among several outdoor lighting systems to find the one that best suits your needs.

Perfect Landscape Lighting

The Primary Functions of Outdoor Lights

  • Beautification. Lights highlight key features around your home and cast a soft glow on the areas you’re proud of.
  • Safety. Lights allow you to see where you are walking and reduce the chance that you will trip on hazards such as elevation changes and steps.
  • Security. Reducing the amount of darkness around your home, in particular around entryways, reduces the number of places a burglar or other criminal may hide.

Types of Landscape Lighting

Choose the right form of the light fixture to fulfill the purpose of the light.

  • Install well lights when you need lights that will sit flush with the ground. You can aim these lights to accent certain features around your home so that you can appreciate the beauty of your landscape after the sun goes down.
  • Bullet lights work well in situations where you want to focus light on a small area. For example, to illuminate something along the home’s foundation or to highlight a garden statue.
  • Path and spread lights help to establish a safe walking area for you and your guests. Place the lights to guide guests to your front door. Additionally, use these lights to line pathways along trails where you can enjoy the sights and scents of flowers that bloom in the evenings.

Choosing the Right Lights for Your Home

Outdoor lighting systems should complement your overall landscape scheme. The style of your lights, including the finishes and design of the fixtures, should reflect your type of scheme; for example, modern, rustic, or minimalist.

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