Christmas Light Ideas for 2020

Christmas Light Ideas for 2020The nights are getting longer, the air is getting crisper, and the leaves are changing colors. This can only mean one thing; Christmas time is right around the corner!  Before you know it you’ll be singing along to Christmas tunes, pulling the decorations out of the attic and starting to set the stage for a gorgeous holiday. This year, when your thoughts turn to outdoor Christmas lighting, make sure you catch Santa’s eye with these Christmas light ideas.

1.  Outline Your Roof

This is the most basic and important part of your outdoor lighting display. A string of lights placed precisely along the roof’s edge makes a huge impact. A single string doesn’t seem like much, but when done right, it gives a crisp, sophisticated look to the house. Your home’s structural features will be defined, so every angle of the roof you can light up will add interest. If you do nothing else, outlining your roof is a must do, and will give the whole area around the house a nice, soft glow.

The more lines your roof has, the more impactful your lights will be. Keep in mind, though, that hanging lights on your roof can get tricky. You’ll have to find the right length of cord to fit each section of your roof and plan the design out so that you don’t double back on lights you’ve already placed. Making sure you have the right power connections is important as well. And don’t forget those tall ladders to first reach the roofline!

Really, this is the time to bring in the professionals. When you go pro, the benefits are immediately noticeable. For starters, you’re not the one untangling lights, hauling the ladder around, and risking your neck (literally) to try and reach that tall peak. Commercial grade wiring, lighting, and connectors are substantially cleaner looking than store bought lights strands. And the convenience of having your lights installed (and taken down at the end of the season) will give you back that precious weekend time you used to spend doing installing your own lights.

2. Highlight Your Doors and Windows

Windows and doors create unique architectural character for your home. When traced in lights, every angle and curve created by doors and windows adds to the beauty and “wow” factor of your home’s Christmas lighting.

The outline of your front entry way is the perfect place to add warmth and depth to your holiday lighting design. From arches and awnings to door jambs and sidelights, a front doorway can offer a number of design possibilities.

Windows are an area you can really play with. Hanging a wreath in your window is a traditional option, but hang 3 wreaths in either a row, or in a vertical stack, and you’ve taken that traditional idea and created a more modern, eye-catching display. The same can be done with oversized bows.

3. Light Up Those Pathways

When your yard is lit up like runway lights, those reindeer are sure to find their way to you. When outlining driveways and walkways in lights, yard stakes are often used to hold the string of lights above any grass or groundcover and keep the lights symmetrically upright and stable. Proper bulb spacing and cleanliness with wire management are critical here; because ground lights are physically closer to visitors than roof or window lights, any imperfections in installation will stick out like Rupolph’s Red Nose!

4. Wrap Your Trees

If you really want a showstopper – something that will make people slow down and gawk as they pass your house – it’s time to branch out…literally! If you’ve ever seen a tree that has been completely wrapped in strings of lights, you know it can be breathtaking. Start at the base of the trunk and work your way up, keeping the strands close together as you wind the string of lights around and around. Continue up, up, up to where the branches split off, and then just keep going as far along the individual branches as you are able to (or prefer to). The more of the tree you wrap, the better it will look. And the bigger the tree, the more dramatic the display.

Choose Your Colors

How do you choose what color to use for your holiday lights? In a traditional display, white (clear) lights are the color chosen most often. You might be surprised how clean and classy a completely white display is. The uniformity of the color makes the whole property glow. If you prefer a little more color, a pattern of red and white, or blue and white, can be striking. A solid red sets a mysterious and magical holiday atmosphere. Or there’s always the tried-and-true multi-color display that gives a warm feeling of nostalgia to your home. You really can’t go wrong with choosing colors for your lights – use what makes you feel happy and festive. And hey, if you’re all about the color, go wild!

No doubt, Christmas can be a stressful time. There are presents to buy, meals to plan, travel to arrange. Add a holiday party or two to the mix and you’re sure to be worn out. Some things you’ll want to do yourself – maybe decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition of yours. And making Grandma’s special candy is a tradition you’ll want to pass on to your kiddos.

But when putting up the outdoor Christmas lights? That’s one thing you should hand off to the pros.

The elves at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting are happy to take this task off of your list. Andy’s custom designs Christmas Lighting to your home and personal preferences. We only use commercial grade wiring and connectors, low-voltage LED bulbs, and carry an assortment of wreaths, garland, and lighting styles to best fit your home. And don’t forget the best part; our insured professionals take care of the entire installation process for you!  You stay inside and warm, not on a ladder in the cold. Bust out the hot cocoa (or the eggnog!) and help Santa double check his naughty and nice list.

Oh, and don’t forget when the season is over! In early-to-mid January, once all the festivities are done, Andy’s will return to take the holiday lights down for you too. Our teams will carefully pack your lights in bins to store where you prefer, ready to be re-installed the next year. Another task off the list! Give us a call today to schedule a free quote on our Christmas lighting services.