How To Fix Common Drainage Problems In Yards, Patios, Houses

As the sunny days of summer turn into cool autumn nights, Texas homeowners will prepare for another rain-filled fall. With floods, tornadoes, and weather alerts to prepare for, it’s easy to forget about your own backyard.

Most homes have minor drainage problems, and if they aren’t addressed before a flood hits they can cause widespread damage to your yard. If you want to protect your home from flooding and water damage, Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting can install the perfect lawn drainage system for your property.

Common Drainage Problems

Yards – From beautiful green lawns to carefully tended gardens, backyards are designed to enhance the value and utility of a home. If flooding has destroyed vital parts of your yard, you may need a new lawn drainage system. After a brief consultation, our drainage experts can install french drains, channel drains, and grates around your property to prevent your yard from flooding.

Patios – During the summer, patios are perfect for barbecues and social events. But as the seasons change and you spend less time outdoors, your patio can quickly transform into a safety hazard.

The leaves, dirt, and debris that surround your home can drift onto your patio and create drainage problems during the fall. Our drainage experts can identify drainage issues around your patio and install a drainage system that will protect your home and yard.

Homes – If your house is on a level plot or at the bottom of a hill, you could have drainage problems in the future. Our drainage experts will work with you to evaluate your current needs and install sump pumps or french drains to protect your home.

Do you need install a new drainage system? The specialists at Andy’s Sprinkler Drainage & Lighting are experts at lawn drainage system installation and repair.
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