Creative Ideas for Driveway Lighting at Home

If you have ever thought your home and landscape were a little too dark, then you’re not alone. Many homeowners feel the same way but don’t know how to implement creative and efficient landscape lighting. By hiring an expert, you’ll get an innovative design, quality lighting, and professional installation. If you’re ready for exceptional driveway lighting, consider some of the options when hiring a lighting professional.

Creative Ideas for Driveway Lighting at Home

Driveway Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting can help both you and your guests find their way safely at night. An illuminated driveway will add style, security, and aesthetic value to your home.

Downlighting – If you have large trees running the length of the driveway and would like to add a little atmosphere, then downlighting is a sound option. Lights are strategically placed up in the trees and positioned downward to illuminate key portions of the driveway.

LED Lighting – Besides saving you a ton on energy usage, LEDs are attractive and increasingly popular. Though some people believe LEDs were meant for indoor setups, LEDs actually improve curb appeal, highlight landscape features, and always impress.

Uplighting – For those who prefer more inconspicuous driveway lighting solutions, uplighting is a sound option that still defines the edge of the path. Similar to bollards, sleeves are buried in the ground along the entire length of the driveway, with wires running underground to illuminate each bulb appropriately.

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