Designing the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Space

An outdoor entertainment space can function as an extension of the living space of your home but with a lower cost and less maintenance. The open air, sunshine and whisper of the wind can make outdoor entertaining areas a pleasure for yourself, family and friends to enjoy. When designing the perfect outdoor entertainment space, the right lighting is a must, so that you can enjoy the area after sunset. With these design tips from our experts at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services, your summer outdoor entertainment will provide memories for years to come.

Step and Brick Lights

When you need outdoor lighting that will work for evening dinner and dessert parties, step and brick lights are the way to go. These lights illuminate the path into and out of your outdoor entertainment areas so that guests stay safe when traversing the stairs and walkways of your property for summertime parties.

Path Lights

These raised lights come in a variety of styles to complement the architecture of your home and the feel of the outdoor living spaces. When placed about every four to six feet apart, guests will be able to easily see where they are going and will feel safe and comfortable no matter what time of the day they are enjoying the summertime blooms and party festivities at your home.

Path Lights

Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are an integral part of landscape lighting. These can highlight patio and deck areas as well as outdoor kitchen spaces. They come in energy efficient options such as LED and low voltage. Even on a hot summer day, these lights will emit little heat so that you don’t feel uncomfortable sitting nearby.

When you are ready to design the perfect landscape for your outdoor entertainment space, our San Antonio lighting company is ready to assist you. We will come to your property to create a custom solution that will exceed the highest of your expectations for style, form and function. To schedule an appointment with our Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services designers, give us a call today at 210-491-0700.