DIY Sprinkler System – Yea or Nay?

Should I install my own sprinkler system?

diy sprinkler system

From homes and residences to business, big and small, a healthy, well-manicured lawn says a lot. The picture presented to visitors and potential customers truly does say a thousand words, and then some. It can be difficult to keep a lawn looking gorgeous, especially in our central Texas domain. The input of time and effort to ensure your lawn is the best around is usually more than the average homeowner or business owner can handle on their own.

Installing an automatic sprinkler system can mitigate some of this trouble. The benefits of an automatic sprinkler system are numerous, and include accurate saturation, water conservation, and peace of mind. It’s a simple, effective solution to having the most gorgeous greenery on the block.

If it is so simple, then I can install a sprinkler myself, right?

Well, sure. You could. But there are a few factors you might want to be aware of before you do. Do you know the following aspects of your lawn?

Water pressure for Sprinkler Systems

A sprinkler system only works properly if the water pressure from your plumbing system is accurate to the system’s needs. If your water system pressure is too high for the sprinkler you choose to install, you only get a fine mist, or fog, from your sprinklers. If the water pressure is too low, you do not get any kind of a decent spray; it may end up more a dribble. Professional irrigation solutions installers know how to accurately gauge your home or business’s water pressure, and then they can custom fit a sprinkler system to match.

Best Soil type for Sprinkler Systems

soil types for water sprinkler systems

Different types of soil absorb water and nutrients differently. Clay soils may release water more slowly – good for plants that like a constant water source – but this means they also absorb that water much more slowly. Too much water at once creates a flash-flood effect on these types of soils. Soils with a hefty sand content are extremely porous; this means water will flow into and out of the soil quickly. A professional sprinkler system installer knows how to build a custom sprinkler system that matches your lawn’s unique soil needs, ensuring you get effective, perfect watering every time you set the sprinklers to go.

Weather conditions

Central Texas weather can be notoriously fickle at different times of the year. Even at the local city level, different areas of the city may see weather different from their neighbors across the way. Your local professional sprinkler installer has up-to-date information about your local area, and can help you design a sprinkler system that will account for the local weather systems your home or business is likely to encounter.

So, if you wanted to, you could certainly choose to take the time to investigate the above points yourself. You could then read up and research all of the available options for your new sprinkler system. And then, you could go buy all the materials, and DIY to your heart’s content. However, isn’t that why you want a sprinkler system?

To eliminate the hassle and get a beautiful, lush, green lawn fast?

Call Andy’s Sprinkler today, and let us do the legwork. We can build a custom-designed sprinkler system that will give you the lawn of your dreams, and we do it fast, for a price you can afford.