Drainage: The Andy’s Difference

drainagwPurchasing an outdoor drainage solution is an investment in your property, and when it comes to choosing the right company to install your drainage you have options. Every company you talk to wants your business, but not all companies are equal.  At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting, our decades of experience and “do it right the first time” approach is what has made us an industry leader, and is what we refer to as “The Andy’s Difference”. 

The Andy’s Difference begins with our years of professional experience evaluating nuisance water issues and developing custom drainage solutions. From French and surface drains to sump pumps and catch basins, we have the right solution for every drainage problem imaginable. 

A majority of companies use corrugated pipe, because it’s cheaper and easier to install. At Andy’s, we’ve seen too many drains fail because of corrugated pipe. It’s thin, can crack over time from shifting soil, and is easily penetrable by roots. And when root build-up and clogs occur (and they almost always do) the pipe has to be replaced because corrugated cannot withstand the force of a rooter (aka: sewer snake) to clear the debris.

At Andy’s, we only use perforated solid sewer & drain grade PVC pipe. Not only is solid PVC significantly more durable than corrugated, it often lasts the lifetime of your home or business and is far less susceptible to root intrusion and cracking / breaking from shifting soil. We also use 45-degree bends instead of 90-degree, where possible, in order to maximize water flow and reduce potential for clogs. And because it’s solid PVC, if a clog or obstruction does occur the pipe durability can withstand clearing by a sewer snake.

The rigidity of solid PVC also creates a more effective slope for water to exit the problem area. Water follows gravity, and solid PVC is far more effective than corrugated when establishing a proper slope for the nuisance water exit point.

But that’s not where The Andy’s Difference ends. We also take great care to be as minimally invasive to your existing landscape as possible. We’ll transplant existing grass and shrubs, when possible, so you will barely tell we were there. We hand-dig around large tree roots, wires, and underground obstructions, reducing damage to your landscape and preserving existing plant life. And if the exit point of your drain is at a curb, we core drill into the curb instead of demolishing part of it and re-pouring concrete. This approach leaves the integrity of the existing curb intact and creates an aesthetically pleasing blended-in look.

There are plenty more reasons why Andy’s is a cut above the rest, like our 1-year warranty on new installs, insured and background checked employees, and pro certification from the leading drainage materials manufacturer NDS. But don’t take our word for it; when you begin researching companies to solve your drainage needs, be sure to give us a call so you can experience The Andy’s Difference first-hand!  Call today to schedule a Drainage Solution bid appointment!