Drip Irrigation: The Natural Pesticide | Benefits of Drip Irrigation

With warm weather and clear skies, spring is the perfect time to start planning your garden. As you integrate new plants and garden beds into your yard, you will have to find an effective way to control weeds.

Pesticides kill weeds before they can destroy your garden, but they also have serious drawbacks. Pesticides contain toxic chemicals that can damage soil and eventually destroy your plants. Once pesticides are applied to your garden, there is no way to prevent beneficial bugs and wildlife from ingesting those chemicals. If you decide to plant a vegetable garden, the pesticides you use on your plants could eventually wind up on your dinner table.

In response to these concerns, many homeowners are looking for other tools to protect their plants. Drip irrigation, a watering technique that places drops of water at the base of each plant, is a viable alternative to pesticides.

Benefits Of Drip Irrigation

Stops Weeds From Growing – Drip irrigation places water near the roots of each plant instead of spreading water across your entire garden. This system provides plants with vital nutrients and water while “starving” weeds.

Efficiently Waters Plants

By concentrating water at the root zone of each plant, your garden won’t have to share nutrients, water, or space with weeds.

Keeps Toxic Chemicals Off Your Plants

Pesticides produce fast results, but they also leave dangerous chemicals in your garden. Drip irrigation and regular maintenance will kill weeds over time. If you are planting a vegetable garden, organic gardening methods and drip irrigation can keep your produce pesticide-free.

Protects Beneficial Bugs & Animals

Drip irrigation uses water placement to prevent weeds from crowding out your plants. Because water is natural and non-toxic, beneficial bugs can pollinate your plants without being poisoned. You can also let pets, such as dogs, cats, and chickens, roam around your garden beds without fear.

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