Dripping is Good, In Some Cases

Leaky hose makes it grow!

We’re still not past the heat of summer here in the Dallas area, and while it’s been wet for the past week or so, we still need to talk about watering. Your lawn is one of the best features of your home, and we know you want to take the best care of it possible. Drip hoses are a relatively new feature in irrigation systems, and while they are not for everyone, they do deserve discussion every once in a while. So, without further ado, let’s talk drips!

Watering lawn and sprinkler system

Stay in place, make more space

Drip irrigation systems are relatively simple to install. There is a hose, which is specially constructed with a pressurized seeping material. This drip hose releases water through the walls of the hose, applying the water directly to the soil on which it is laid. This means you can place the hose directly in your lawn or garden space, and once it’s placed, you shouldn’t have to move it. At all. This save you the trouble of moving hose-end sprinklers around your lawn or garden, or the constant unwind and wind-up of using a hose-end nozzle sprayer. Put it down, and don’t worry about it!

Promotes deep root growth

Many annual and ornamental plants have shallow roots systems, but this does not mean you can’t encourage them to reach deeper. The best way to do this is water thoroughly, deeply, and intermittently. Deep watering is only accomplished by the slow, steady application of water, a few times a week. In some cases, once a week is all your plants might need. Watering from above does not promote deep healthy root growth, and often increases the chance of fungus or leaf diseases, due to standing water on the leaf surfaces. Watering at the roots, and deeply into the soil, prevents this. Drip hoses are best for this type of watering.

Less waste

Watering from above can create runoff and mist. Watering too late in the morning can encourage evaporation, which means your plants are fighting the sun for the water you provide. Drip irrigation applies water slowly and directly to the soil, preventing evaporation and runoff. The soil, and the plants, no longer have to fight the sun to take a drink; they get first dibs! Drip irrigation keeps more water where you need it, and more money in your wallet for the same reason!

Hide it if you want!

Because the hose is laid at the base of plants, along the soil, it can be easy to camouflage the hoses themselves under the canopy provided by your plants. You could also mulch directly over the drip hoses, which would further decrease evaporation chances and runoff. If appearance in your lawn or garden is something that matters to you and your family, drip hoses provide a fun and economical option to make your home and lawn the best it can be.

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