Drought Water Conservation and Irrigation for Your Lawn

Drought Water Conservation and Irrigation for Your LawnWe face regular drought conditions here in Texas, and conserving water is not only less wasteful but may also help you save money on your water bill! There are numerous ways to cut down on water waste: for instance, if you plant more drought-tolerant plants, learn about soil structure, and invest in water-saving equipment for your irrigation system, you’ll find that saving money and water is easier than ever before.

Water Conservation Efforts

To combat drought conditions, take a page from the farmer’s handbook for conserving water. Today’s farmers use a variety of technologies and strategies to help cut down on water waste and save money. The same principles can be applied around your home.

  • Drip Irrigation – a drip irrigation system is designed to deliver slow drops of water directly to the root zone of your plants, trees, and lawn. Because water is absorbed directly into the soil, a drip irrigation system eliminates water waste caused by evaporation, run-off, and non-essential water delivery. Additionally, drip irrigation uses half to one quarter of the water typically used by a traditional spray irrigation system.
  • Drought-Tolerant Plants – there are many unique types of flowers, trees, and bushes that are designed to withstand drought conditions. Plants that are native to Texas are easier to maintainand tolerate drought conditions far better than non-native plants. Consider planting native, drought-resistant plants to help conserve water during the summer months.

Drip Irrigation Systems

By using drip irrigation, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

  • Water Efficiency – by applying slow drips where the water is most needed, the system reduces evaporation that traditional spray heads are prone to. Additionally, because drip delivery is only where your plants need it most (their roots), run-off on sidewalks, driveways, and pathways is eliminated.
  • Weeds and Pests – by focusing the water where it is needed most, drip irrigation helps reducestanding water that can attract insects (like mosquitos) and prevents watering areas of your soil where roots are less concentrated and weeds can thrive.
  • Versatility – a drip irrigation system can be configured in many ways to fit the contours of your landscape and can be retro-fitted to any zone of your pre-existing sprinkler system.

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