Expert Sprinkler Irrigation Tips to Beat Back Drought Season

Expert Sprinkler Irrigation Tips to Beat Back Drought SeasonIn Texas, homeowners face continued drought throughout the year. Unfortunately for many homeowners, they have a garden or landscape that requires watering each day. Without the proper water and nutrients, these flowers, shrubs, and trees will soon perish. Thankfully with a professionally installed irrigation system, you can enjoy a thriving garden without wasting water.

Irrigation System Tips

If you’re interested in water conservation, all the while enjoying flourishing plants and flowers, then look no further. We have a broad selection of irrigation system tips for year-round success.

  • On occasion, walk aroundyour yard and look for signs of leaking from the sprinkler system. Even a small leak will add up in cost and wasted water.
  • At least once per month, adjust the irrigation controller to account for any weather changes. Here in Texas, changes to the weather can be quite sudden and extreme.
  • Consider installing a rain shutoff device, soil moisture sensor, and humidity sensor to prevent your irrigation system from operating when it isn’t needed.
    To thoroughly reduce evaporation loss, water your landscape after the sun has set.
  • Check your sprinkler system’s operating pressure against your home’s water pressure. The difference can actually affect daily operation and watering efficiency.
  • Convert your landscape to low water use with drought-resistant plants, shrubs, trees, and grass, to save money in the long-run.

During an emergency drought event, you may be required to completely restrict your watering schedule These conditions vary from region to region,however, so a good method to adhere to drought restrictions while ensuring your plants thrive is to install a drip irrigation system.

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