Fairy Gardens – The Hot New Gardening Trend!

fairy gardens - the hot new gardening trend!There is nothing that sparks the imagination more than the idea of fairies. From our earliest childhood memories, tales of fairies and their mischief speckle the edges of our collective consciousness. And many adult gardeners are reclaiming a bit of that whimsy in their gardens and landscaping. When paired with ethereal landscape lighting, there is nothing that can compare with these fairy gardens.

Fairy gardens are made up of three key components:

  • The fairy house
  • The garden plants
  • The interior and exterior decorations

A Home for Fae

If you believe the old legends, respect and care for your home’s fairy-folk leads to blessings for your family and loved ones. One of the ways to show respect and care for these small creatures is to build their home. (If there’s one thing we know about fairies, it’s that they hate hard work. They won’t build homes for themselves!) Your fairy house could be as simple or extravagant as you like. A small shelf of bark leaning against a rock or two could make a perfect fairy “camp.” You could also recycle an old dollhouse into the garden with some paint and twigs. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you use your imagination!

Micro-gardening for the Fairy Enthusiast

If you place your fairy house in a well-traveled area of your garden, it may help the fairies to feel more at home by providing a sort of privacy screen with normal-sized plants. You could also scale down, and craft a garden just the right size for a fairy garden party: moss, toadstools, and small flowering plants would work well in that case. Herbs and other aromatic foliage plants are another good idea. Don’t worry if things look a little haphazard; the more mess, the more fairy friends!

For tips on what plants work well in our Central Texas area, give Andy’s team a call today!

Home Sweet Home

Let your imagination run wild as you begin the decorating phase! Acorns and other woodland detritus can become miniature bird-baths, patio furniture, and stepping stones. Twigs and leaves can make a hide-away or a tiny fairy dog-house. Weave grass into a rug or picnic blanket. Let your imagination get away from you; that’s when you’ll find the fae more than willing to show up in the home you’ve prepared for them!

Enjoy Your Fairy Friends!

Every season, your miniature neighbors will treat you to a new perspective in the great outdoors. In the spring and summer, flowers will sprinkle the blankets of moss with fallen stars. In the winter, speckles of frost will turn your fairy garden into a wintry dream. Sparkling drops of water after a rainstorm will catch the light and create a host of tiny rainbows to dazzle children and adults alike.

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