Five Creative Yard Drainage Ideas | French Drainage System

Water drainage is important for the survival of your lawn and the prevention of structural damage to your home. At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting, our experts can evaluate your needs and offer solutions that provide protection for your plants and foundation while adding a touch of charm to your property. Here are five creative yard drainage ideas that can turn vital function into beautiful form.

Gravel Path

A gravel walkway is an invitation to fully explore the grounds. You can admire droplets left on leaves after a soaking rain without navigating your way around a mess of puddles. This is because excess water has drained through the gravel under your feet to a French drain hidden below.

Stone Accents

For increased drainage off the path, disguise the system with stones of different sizes that appear to be decorative additions to your landscaping. While accenting your yard, they allow runoff to flow smoothly through to the perforated pipes beneath.

Spaced Bricks in Walkway

To prevent puddles from forming on driveways or paved walks, install strips of brick with just enough space between them to allow water to flow freely. Yard drainage ideas such as this break the monotony of the concrete while avoiding the dangers of a wet, slippery surface.

Decorative Grating

Metal or plastic grating can be brightly colored to match the décor around your patio or pool, or painted in a subtle hue to blend in seamlessly with your lush lawn. Grating can remove water quickly, preventing flooding during heavy rains.

Catch Basins

Flowers and other plants can be damaged by too much water. Small basins installed in beds and landscaped areas direct overflow into the ditch without blocking the drainage system with leaves and other debris.

Call the Experts

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