French Drains: The Industrial Innovation That is Still Used Today

How a French Drain Can Benefit You

as sewage systems and indoor plumbing have evolved, plumbers and engineers throughout history have devised ever-changing designs to make cities and agricultural areas drain more efficiently. You may not consider proper drainage a crucial issue, but without it, city streets can flood with stagnant water and crops can drown in the fields. Andy’s Sprinkler can install French drains in your yard to facilitate better drainage so that your lawn can flourish.

How a French Drain Can Benefit You

French drains use gravity and a clever design to direct excess water away from your yard so that your lawn does not become too saturated to drain properly. A trench is dug at a gentle slope with a perforated pipe resting at the bottom. The trench is filled in with gravel, and then recovered with your lawn. The result is a drainage system that allows water to flow freely through the pipe and away from your yard. First used by the French in the 1800s, these drains are still a fantastic solution for many water drainage problems.

Make Sure You Call A Pro

If you are looking for a Dallas sprinkler service to begin laying French drains in your yard, call Andy’s Sprinkler. We can design a drainage system specifically for your yard so that no area of your property is bogged down in excess water. A French drain in conjunction with a sump pump can consistently keep your yard clear of stagnant water and keep your property safe from developing into swamps. Contact us at 214-389-3412 for an appointment.