Fun Autumn Colors for your Yard

Fun Autumn Colors To Brighten Your Yard

There’s nothing more pleasing for many homeowners than planning their gardens and landscaping from season to season. With a lovely autumn season fast approaching, the time has come to once again to consider how you want your garden and lawn to look this fall. Many homeowners love the cool, crisp feeling of autumn, but dislike the drab appearance which overcomes their flowers and foliage. Andy’s Sprinkler has some tips on bringing some Fun Autumn Colors to your yard.

There are four popular options that many homeowners in the South choose to plant for pops of color in their gardens in autumn. Stun your neighbors and earn the envy of every other gardeners with these pretty plants.


Preferring partial shade, these plants are not picky about much else. They grow very well in most soil types, and can add a brilliant red accent to any garden. There are many varieties that provide targeted color palettes. For a very bright, stunning look, choose Red Flash. It is also one of the tallest caladium varieites, and would provide an excellent backdrop for shorter companions in a bed. A vibrant-hued option would be Brandywine; for a more traditional scene, consider Postman Joyner. With a little added bone meal, these plants will pop with crimson; avoid nitrogen-rich fertilizers, though, as that will temper the red colorations with N-loving green.

Fun Autumn Colors
Fun Autumn Colors


This is a small shrub that does quite well in humid warmth. It is a clumping, herbaceous perennial (yay, comes back year after year!), and has very shiny green foliage. The 3-inch tubular flowers are a showy red, and come into bloom in the fall. This one prefers full sun, but can tolerate some shade. Once it has become established in your garden, it can withstand moderate levels of drought.


There are as many varieties of coleus as there are gardens! Well, maybe not, but it seems that way sometimes!

Traditional coleus varieties love a little sun in the morning, but prefer shade once the rays get stronger. There are newer varieties, however, that do well in full sunlight all day; Redhead and Lime Delight are two such options. Coleus prefer well-drained soils, and monthly fertilizing during blooming season, which usually runs from summer to early fall.


There are so many different types and colors of cool wave pansies that gardeners often have trouble choosing just a few to complement their fall gardens. Pansies also do incredibly well in containers. They much prefer a loose, well-draining soil. Some specimens have been known to produce colorful flowers all winter, with weekly feedings.

Fun Autumn Colors
Fun Autumn Colors

A unique idea that is gaining ground is to plant pansies inside of a carved Jack’o’Lantern pumpkin. Some families have found that their pansy-pumpkins last well November, before the gourd begins to rot away entirely.

If in doubt, contact a landscaping company, or your local farm and garden store. They can help you locate varieties that will do well for your local climate and soil type. Make sure your irrigation system is able to cope with any new plantings, and make sure your watering levels are set to give your new flowers the best chance of providing beauty all season long!