Get a Sprinkler System Checkup While the Weather is Good

For at least the next week or so, most of Texas will be experiencing spectacular weather that is more reminiscent of fall than winter. With highs in the mid-60s in many parts of the state, your mind may be wandering to the start of spring. If you’re thinking of what you need to do to start getting your yard in shape for the warmer months, one thing you should consider is to get a sprinkler system checkup performed. At Andy’s Sprinkler, we can thoroughly check your system top to bottom to make sure it will be working properly when you need to start using it.

Get a Sprinkler System Checkup

Why Sprinkler Checkup is Important

By having your sprinkler system checkup performed now, you can identify any potential issues that will need to be addressed once the weather turns warmer and you need to use your sprinkler on a regular basis. If you wait until spring, you may have to go days without being able to water your landscape. Think of your system as a car. If it sits idle for several months, you would want to make sure all parts are in proper working order before trying to start it up.

Here are just a few of the checks that we provide:

  • We thoroughly inspect the irrigation system for any leaks in spray rotors and heads, and also check for any wet spots in your yard.
  • If the controller backup battery is either not producing a full charge or is 2 years or older, we can replace it.
  • We’ll check your sprinkler heads for damage such as cracks, and also straighten heads that are either laying over or bent.
  • We’ll make sure your controller is properly set and make any recommendations for improvements that may be necessary.

Don’t just hope that your system will work as it should when warm spring rolls back around. Contact the professionals with Andy’s Sprinkler online or call us at 214-389-3412 to set an appointment for a sprinkler system checkup. How are you enjoying this great weather? Let us know by sharing your story with us by clicking one of the social media icons on this page.