Getting Familiar With Your Sprinkler System Controller

Sprinkler System ControllerYou can have the greatest, most advanced sprinkler system on the market but that won’t mean a whole lot if it’s not working at peak efficiency. It’s very important that you familiarize yourself with your sprinkler system controller so that you can be assured it will work effectively. If you don’t, there’s a very high likelihood that you will not just waste water but your sprinkler will also be susceptible to other issues. Here’s a rundown on some of the more common features in the typically system. Check your manual or get in touch with us at Andy’s Sprinkler if you have any questions.

Start Time

This feature enables you to determine the time of day for your program to begin. When this time arrives, your system will start watering the zones that are associated with the particular program (usually either A, B or C). After all of the stations (or zones) have been watered, the sprinkler system controller will shut off.

Run Time

This is simply the amount of time in minutes that the system’s valve will remain open so that watering can take place.


This function is used when an area of your yard needs special watering. If there is a certain area that is especially dry, for example, you can set your sprinkler system controller to water that area for a longer duration.


This is a button that will allow you to run a certain valve for whatever length of time is needed. If your system does not have a Semi-Auto function, you’ll use the Manual button to run a program or turn on watering to a particular zone. A professional can also use this button to check your system while performing regular maintenance, such as looking for heads that are either broken or improperly aligned.

If you have any problems operating your sprinkler system controller and you find that your owner’s manual isn’t helping, contact Andy’s Sprinkler online or call us at 817-608-0660. We can also handle any sort of repair needs you may have.