Getting Your Sprinkler System Ready for Winter

The work you put in now in order to winterize your sprinkler system can help you avoid major hassles down the rod. You don’t want to run the risk of having to deal with costly repairs when it’s once again time to water your lawn regularly in the spring. Here are some tips from Andy’s Sprinkler that will protect your system from freezing temperatures.

Draining the Sprinkler

Draining the Sprinkler

One of the most important ways of helping your sprinkler system is by draining it of water before the temperatures get below freezing for extended periods of time. You can either do this yourself or call a Fort Worth technician to do it for you. A contractor will typically install a drain valve if one does not already exist to blow the water out of the system. Once the water is shut off, the technician attaches a compressed air hose that drains the water downstream.

Don’t Forget Your Hoses and Outside Spigots

You also need to remember to disconnect your outside hoses and drain them of any water. Coil them as neatly as possible (yes, it can be a pain to do so) and store them in a dry area. You need to also protect your outside spigots from freezing temperatures so you don’t risk a pipe bursting. Any local hardware store should carry products that can easily attach to your spigots to make sure you don’t wake up to an unpleasant surprise one morning. If you have any questions at all regarding how to protect your sprinkler system, contact us at Andy’s Sprinkler and we’ll be happy to help. Do you have any other sprinkler winterization tips? Share them with us by clicking on one of the social media icons at the bottom of the page.