How a Sprinkler System Climate Sensor Works

Sprinkler System Climate SensorA sprinkler system climate sensor is a very important – yet often overlooked – component. It’s embarrassing, not to mention incredibly wasteful, to have your system going full blast during the middle of a drenching downpour. But if you don’t have a sensor that could be a distinct possibility. In these days of strict water restrictions, if that happens you could be at risk of having to pay a substantial fine.

The Basics

A sprinkler system climate sensor measures air temperature, wind speed and moisture as well. If the ground is already wet or high winds will blow water off your property while the sprinkler is going, the sensor shuts down the system. This will not only keep you from wasting water, it will also help you save some money on your bill. It will also keep overwatering from taking place, which can lead to root rot and washed out flowerbeds.

Here’s some basic information on how the sensor does its job:

  • Small disks inside the sensor expand during rainfall.
  • When the disks get to a certain size, they activate a shutdown of the system.
  • If the rain is short-lived, your system won’t stay off for a long period of time. However, continual rainfall will keep the system turned off until the disks dry.
  • Once dry, the disks contract to their normal size and the system will turn on once again.

The great thing about sensors is they reset themselves without affecting your controller. Never again will you have to rush outside to turn off your sprinklers during an unexpected rain storm, nor will you have to worry about the system wasting water while you’re out of town. Sensors can also keep your system from coming on unexpectedly during freezing weather.

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