How a Controller Helps Customize Your Watering Time

Customize Your Watering TimeIf you’re investing in a brand-new irrigation system, you’re likely get a controller to go along with the system. More specifically, you’re likely looking at a smart controller. A smart controller is a sound investment, as it helps determine seasonal increases or decreases in watering needs. You can use a controller to better customize your daily and monthly watering times.

What You Need

To successfully set up a controller for your irrigation system, you need four key pieces of information:

  • The current time and day
  • The watering days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc.) and frequency (once every other day, for example).
  • The start time
  • How long to water the lawn

Most likely, your controller has multiple program settings. You should select the best program based on the watering requirements of your plants. If your grass requires water once every three days during the summer, you would put the grass valves on the same program setting. This allows you better control over various aspects of the yard, including different flowers and shrubs.

Programming Tips

A controller may require some additional programming to work efficiently. The best tip we can offer is to hire an irrigation specialist. If you’re unsure of how to successfully set up group stations or valves, arrange different start times, or eliminate excessive runoff, then a local technician can help.

Controller Benefits

By installing a controller, you gain total control over the watering of your landscape. You can set how often to water your plants, when to water them, and by how much. As such, you’ll save more money in the long run by reducing water waste and runoff.

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