How a Garden Sprinkler System Works

A garden sprinkler system can make the world of difference to your garden and give you more free time to do what you love. Its important to know how a sprinkler system works so that you can make an informed choice on the type of system that fits your garden.

Underground Piping

These are the pipes under the soil that help to carry the water throughout your garden. There are different materials used in the underground piping, but the most common is PVC. PVC piping can withstand the elements, cheap, and can last for a long time before needing to be replaced. The piping can be installed into custom formations to fit your particular garden.

Valve System

The valves are placed in between the piping to help control the flow of water to different sections of your garden. This will allow you to water some areas of your garden that may need more hydration, while leaving other areas from getting flooded.

Sprinkler Heads

There is an array of sprinkler heads to choose from. The choice of sprinkler head will depend on the type, size and personal water needs of your garden. It is recommended to talk to a professional about which sprinkler heads would be the right fit for you. As the wrong type of sprinkler may deliver too much or too little water, which can have a devastating effect on a garden.

Electronic Timer

The heart of your sprinkler system is the electronic timer. The timer can be programmed to water a particular zone of a garden for a certain amount of time. This will allow you to set the timer and then let the system work on it’s own. This will save you money by conserving water and only watering when you need to.

If you prefer to have your sprinkler system installed by professionals, call us . Our experts at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting are available to help with your installation needs. We can determine the specifications that will provide the best results so that you can enjoy the benefits of water conservation and healthier plants.