How to Check Your Sprinkler System for Problems

A home sprinkler system is a convenient feature that can save hours of time in aiding the creation of a lush green lawn and other vegetation. However, sprinkler systems are not immune to problems. Use the following guide to help you check your sprinkler system for problems this season.

Check Your Sprinkler System for Problems

  • Check spray heads for blockages. Dirt or grass might get into the spray head and obstruct the openings. Use a flathead screwdriver to turn the screw on the top of the head to release the obstruction.
  • Observe the spray pattern of each head. If a particular sprayer just shoots water into the air or has an inconsistent pattern, it needs to be replaced. Shut off the water supply to the system, then dig around the spray head to expose the pipe threads. Unscrew the damaged sprayer and replace it with a new head.
  • Check the valves. When the sprinkler system keeps attempting to turn on and off but is not successfully spraying, it could have a blocked valve. Turn off the water supply and remove the top of the valve and clean it. If it still malfunctions, replace the valve.
  • Check for leaking sprinkler heads. When the system is turned off, none of the sprinkler heads should be spraying or dripping water. If any of the heads leak, replace them.
  • Inspect your property for signs of a sprinkler system pipe leak. If an area of dirt squishes or is muddy, the pipe may be leaking. Dig into the earth to expose the section of PVC pipe, and replace any cracked or damaged pipe with a new piece of PVC. If there is a large soggy area, it is best to call for professional assistance.

With years of experience, our team at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services will help add beauty and vivaciousness to your property. In fact, our sprinkler check-up services may decrease the risk of costly and annoying system malfunctions. For more information or to schedule a sprinkler system repair, call our Fort Worth sprinkler company today at 817-608-0660.