How to Troubleshoot a Clogged Sprinkler Head

Water that fails to come out of a sprinkler head is typically a sign of a clog or blockage. This is often a common occurrence for an in-ground sprinkler system installed for a residential home. Sprinkler heads clogged with debris will require troubleshooting to find the cause of the problem. Review a few causes of sprinkler head clogs before contacting Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services for advice or to schedule an appointment.

Accumulation of Dirt

Automatic sprinkler systems for residential homes use sleeves that are buried in the ground. These sleeves are used to house the sprinkler heads that rise up when the water is turned on. Regular use of the sprinkler can cause dirt and mud to fill the holes of the sprinkler head, but cleaning the holes will dislodge any hard mud or dirt and enable the sprinkler head to work properly.

Debris in the Screens

Sprinkler heads may also have a screen used to keep dirt and debris out of the nozzle. One issue with these screens is that debris can build up and prevent proper water flow. Dallas sprinklers often need to have regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly in the spring and summer due to frequent storms. Maintenance will involve rinsing the screen to remove all the dirt or debris.

Clogged Sprinkler Head

Debris in Output Nozzle

Blockage of a sprinkler head can also occur when debris gets into the nozzle. The force of water coming out of the nozzle is typically enough to prevent most types of clogs. However, blockages do occur and can cause a sprinkler head to not work properly. Cleaning the nozzle will typically remove any blockage.

Debris in Sprinkler Head

Years of use can result in sand and dirt getting into the spray head. Debris that gets into the head of a sprinkler usually means a replacement is required. If sprinkler head repair is needed, then replacing a bad wiper seal will often correct the problem. However, a professional lawn care specialist will need to inspect a spray head to determine the proper course of action.

Sprinkler systems have very touchy technology that requires special care. If you have any questions concerning your sprinkler system, contact our team Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting Services at 972-418-6998.