How to Tune Up Your Sprinkler System

How to Tune Up Your Sprinkler SystemDuring the hot summer months in Texas, a fully-functioning sprinkler system is critical to keep your landscape properly watered and healthy. Whether it’s a broken head, a leaking pipe, or bushes that have grown taller than your risers, most sprinkler systems need regular tune-ups at least twice a year. A sprinkler system tune-up is a perfect way to keep your system running smoothly and ensure your lawn, plants, and trees are well-nourished year-round.

Common Sprinkler System Troubles

When it comes time for a sprinkler system tune-up, here are a few of the common problems you should be looking for:

  • Malfunctioning Spray Heads or Rotors – spray heads and rotors pop up when activated, and any misalignment can mean the difference between a green lawn and a brown one. Over time, changes in the soil, damage from lawn maintenance (mowers and edgers), and other factors can cause broken or malfunctioning spray heads and rotors.
  • Nozzles and Heads Out of Alignment – it doesn’t take much for a spray nozzle to get clogged, a pop-up head to break, or a spray head or rotor to go out of alignment. A tune-up from Andy’s will re-align those spray zones for maximum coverage and efficiency.
  • Leaking Zone Valves – valves are a critical part of any sprinkler system thatdo wear out over time. If a valve does not fully shut, a slow water leak will begin. Over time, that leak will increase, which will flood the valve box (and the yard around it) and reduce, if not eliminate, the source of water your sprinkler heads rely on.
  • Malfunctioning Controller (Timer) – an irrigation controller, sometimes referred to as a timer, is the brains of a sprinkler system. If the controller isn’t functioning properly, the system won’t work either. Controller issues can be something as simple as a faulty power supply, or as problematic as a faulty motherboard. In any case, a properly maintained controller is critical to a well-functioning sprinkler system.

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