Important Outdoor Lighting System Design Considerations

Outdoor Lighting System DesignIf you are thinking of changing your outdoor lighting system design or having a new one installed on your property, you need to consider all of your options carefully. This is not something you want to go into without having first done some homework, because it will be a significant expenditure. Here are a couple of areas to which you want to pay particularly close attention.


You’ll likely be choosing between traditional incandescent or halogen lamps and LED lamps. LED lamps are used in most of today’s outdoor lighting system designs, but that doesn’t mean incandescent and halogen lights have gone the way of the rotary phone. If, however, you are looking for increased performance and energy efficiency, LED lighting will probably be the best choice for you. Here are a couple of the other reasons you’ll want to consider LED lamps:

  • They last longer than traditional lamps. Incandescent and halogen lamps usually need to be replaced between six months and two years, while LED lamps can last 8-12 years.
  • LED lamps use as little as 20 percent the amount of energy as their traditional counterparts.


You’ll also want to pay attention to the type of fixture you want as part of your outdoor lighting system design. For example, you may want spotlights for illuminating large portions of your yard while you’ll also want to think about path lighting to make it safer to navigate steps, walkways and sloped areas of your property at night.

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