Is Drip Irrigation Right For You?

drip irrigationYou may not realize it, but drip irrigation has a multitude of benefits for your lawn and your wallet. You may have heard of a local farmer using drip irrigation or a neighbor that is really into gardening vegetables, but did you know that drip irrigation can be used for all types of plants, bushes, and trees? It can!

Drip irrigation is a simple way to achieve healthy greener grass and vibrant flower beds while still adhering to drought restrictions that could otherwise lead to dry, crispy brown grass and drooping flowers that may never come back to life.  Imagine the expense of having to replace all of your beautiful landscaping!   And, drip irrigation is even pet-approved!

Do you want to….

 Save water?  A properly installed drip system can save as much as 80% of the water normally used in other types of irrigation systems. Because the water is applied slowly, the plants can absorb more of the water eliminating water ending wastefully running down your street!  This also results in plants undergoing less stress and results in faster growth. Plants such as shrubs and turf grass thrive with a slow and steady drip of water that goes directly to the roots instead of the concrete curb. 

Avoid burn spots?   Water sitting on the tops of flowers in direct contact with the sun can cause the flowers to burn because the water acts like a magnifying glass for the hot summer sun.  The flowers experience sunburn similarly to how we get a sunburn and it creates ugly brown spots.  Grass can even burn in a similar way.  With drip irrigation, the water is being applied beneath the flower petals, avoiding these brown spots because the water goes directly to the roots from below the ground and not above. 

Circumvent water restrictions? Maybe you are wondering what is going to happen during the summer when your city implements water restrictions during a drought? In the summer heat, the ground dries out very quickly! Drip irrigation is exempt from water restrictions during droughts in most municipalities, so you are able to keep your plants, flowers and vegetables alive and healthy!   Your lawn and flower beds can stay heathy and colorful while your neighbor’s yards suffer the drying heat.

Keep “Fido the dog” from needing even more baths?  Has your dog ever been outside when the sprinklers go off on an early morning “potty run”?  We have all had this unfortunate experience, and cleaning off a dog who loves to play in the sprinklers, especially in the middle of the night, is not a pleasant experience!  With drip irrigation, you no longer have to worry about when the sprinklers may be set off unexpectedly!

 If you are thinking about adding drip irrigation, now is the time to schedule Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting to come out and create a plan.  Then you too will have these benefits! 

Save Water!

Gain healthier, greener plants!

Get ahead of the drought restrictions!

Make life just plain simpler!

Let’s all help make this world a more beautiful place, one drip at a time!