Is Your System Smart?

sprinkler system setupFebruary can be a tough month for our lawns and landscaping, given the regularity of freezing temperatures and unpredictable weather. Manually adjusting your sprinkler system’s controller is a pain, which is why having a Rain / Freeze sensor or Smart Controller installed can not only save you time and headache but also greatly improve your landscape’s chances of surviving rough weather patches. 

Rain / Freeze sensors are an add-on component that works with most modern controllers. These sensors are typically installed on a gutter or fence and monitor both temperature and rain fall to ensure your system isn’t running when conditions aren’t favorable. This safeguard not only conserves water by skipping a scheduled sprinkler cycle when it’s raining, but the temperature sensor also prevents the system from watering when temperatures approach freezing. 

Sprinkler System Smart Controllers and Rain/Freeze Sensors

Smart Controllers replace both standard controllers and the need for a Rain / Freeze sensors due to their ‘smart’ ability to monitor local weather station data via Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing the controller to adjust watering in more advanced ways. These  advanced features take into account forecasted weather conditions such as freezing temperatures, rain, or wind, and adjust watering schedules accordingly. Smart Controllers are also app-based, which provides a whole new level of accessibility and control from your cell phone. 

Many local city governments require either a Rain / Freeze sensor or Smart Controller, especially in Southern climates where water conservation during drought conditions is monitored and enforced. Make the smart choice and call Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage and Lighting and ask us about Rain Freeze Sensors and Smart Controllers.