It’s Almost Spring! Are Your Sprinklers Ready?

As we come out of this ice-cold winter, it is time to enjoy the season of Spring and leave those freezing temperatures behind us.

The excitement of warm weather might have you itching to start your spring cleaning. Why not start with the outside first? Spring is all about green grass, blooming flowers, and outside activities on your front or back lawn, but that can be difficult if your sprinkler system is not prepared for the rising temperatures. Lush lawns come from lots of sun and fertilization with the perfect amount of water to top it all off.

How should you prepare your sprinklers for Spring?

Sprinkler System


Scheduling your sprinkler system for the perfect time of day can be a daunting task. If you start your system too late in the day, the sun will evaporate the water before it has time to be absorbed. If you water too late at night, your lawn will be drenched with water, which can cause fungus and dead moldy grass. The best time to water your lawn is right before the sun rises. By using a smart controller, you can make this adjustment easily and quickly with just the touch of a few buttons.

The Right Equipment

Have you ever forgotten to change the timing of your sprinkler system as the seasons change? Maybe you had turned it off because of heavy rains, but forgot to turn it back on when the rain stopped, and then you left town? Has it killed your plants or grass because you couldn’t turn it on remotely? No need to panic! Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage and Lighting has the solution for you! With a smart controller, even when you are in a different city, you can easily adjust the system to control watering schedules at your home.

Call Before Summer Rush

Thinking about waiting to call until April or May to schedule an appointment? DON’T! Call us today before the summertime rush begins. Our highly trained technicians will come out and get you prepared for spring so you can enjoy your lawn all season long.
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