Lake Texoma Hydropower Law Under Fire

Lake Texoma is, of course, one of the main sources of water for the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area. As the drought continues, residents of Grayson County are trying to overturn a law that allows the lake to be used for hydropower generation. This is yet another example of why all of us need to watch our water use closely – the experts with Andy’s Sprinkler can help you do just that.

The Story

According to an article on the website of a Grayson County television station, the Lake Texoma Association wants a 1987 law governing hydropower generation changed. They say generation has been a major reason why the lake is at extremely low levels. While it was full last summer at 617 feet, the lake is once again low. As the law currently stands, restrictions on generation starts when the lake level gets down to 612 feet, with greater restrictions engaged when the level is at 607 feet. Many area residents want restrictions enacted at 615 and 609 feet, with a complete ban on generation when the level gets to 600 feet. The law was enacted in 1987.

What You Can Do to Help Conserve Water

What You Can Do to Help Conserve Water

One of the best ways of conserving water is by having a drip irrigation system installed in your yard. It will keep your landscaping looking great and only use a fraction of the water to do so. It complies with local water restrictions by using water sensibly and efficiently. You’ll save money and you’ll be helping our area conserve at the same time. If you would like to learn more about this type of system or have one installed in your yard, call Andy’s Sprinkler at 214-389-3412 or contact us online. What are you doing to help conserve water? Share your tips by clicking one of the social media buttons on this page.