Maintaining Your Drip Irrigation System

As you prepare for another humid summer, make sure that your drip irrigation system can handle the heat. Just like sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems need regular maintenance in order to work properly. Without consistent care, drip irrigation systems can break down and prevent water from reaching your yard.

If you worked with Andy’s Sprinkler Drainage & Lighting to install your original drip irrigation system, our irrigation specialists can perform tests, identify any problems, and complete repairs to improve its performance. The primary goal of our irrigation services is to provide a continuously improving irrigation system for your home and landscape.

Drip Irrigation System Maintenanceyour Drip Irrigation System

  • Flushing The Drip Irrigation System – If your drip irrigation system has a clogged emitter, your irrigation specialist may flush the entire system to remove the blockage. By turning on the drip irrigation system and obstructing the emitter, your specialist will use water pressure to unclog the broken part.
  • Changing Emitters – After flushing the system, your specialist will be able to tell which emitters need to be repaired. If the emitter can’t be cleaned, your irrigation specialist may remove the entire emitter and swap it with a new part.
  • Checking Water Pressure – If your irrigation specialist thinks that there might be a leak in your drip irrigation system, they will check the water pressure to make sure your system is functioning properly.
  • Replacing Broken Tubes – If there is a crack or permanent kink in your drip irrigation system, your irrigation specialist will replace the broken tubes with new tubing.
  • Replacing A Damaged Drip Irrigation System – If your drip irrigation system is too old or too damaged to be repaired, your irrigation specialist may recommend that you install a new irrigation system.

Do you need to fix your drip irrigation system? The specialists at Andy’s Sprinkler Drainage & Lighting are experts in irrigation system installation and repair.

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