My Sprinkler Heads Do Not Rotate

Sprinkler Heads Do Not Rotate? A common issue, Sprinkle rotors can get damaged and or rusty with extended use and this will cause the sprinkler heads to get stuck and not move as intended. If this occurs, they will either need to be cleaned or replaced.

Occasionally, the filter screen may be partially blocked. in order to unblock a filter screen, simply remove the cap and lift the parts out from the body of the sprinkler. The actual filter will be at the bottom of these parts. Place the parts in a bucket of clean water and rinse them out. Replace the parts and place the cap back on.

Another reason sprinklers do not rotate as quickly is new construction in the area. New homes will add additional users to the water main and can decrease the pressure of water going to your house. To assess this situation, perform a flow test to determine how much pressure you have and adjust the system accordingly. You may also consider installing a booster pump from Andy’s Sprinkler.

Reducing the number of sprinkler heads per watering zone will also increase the pressure and get those sprinklers moving quickly again.

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