New Planting

drip irrigationAre you ready to move on from the frigid February weather?  As the skies begin to become blue, and the suns rays become stronger, it is the time to embrace spring fever and start anew. 

The first step is to make sure your sprinkler system is working at its’ highest efficiency. Check each sprinkler head and make sure it is clear of any debris such as mud or grass. Run the system and look for any leaks or puddles of water. If you see anything of concern, give Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting a call for a Licensed Technician to come out and make sure your yard is ready for spring!

Things to Keep in Mind With New Plants

Another step towards getting ready for the spring season is planting new trees in your front or back yard. What you may not know is that new trees require more watering in the beginning. This allows the roots to take hold into the ground. Once you have planted your new trees, we highly suggest adding bubblers. By adding bubblers, you will provide direct saturation to the roots, and it will help your trees establish their roots faster. 

Protecting Your Plants

We know that cold weather can sometimes damage plant life, so you may want to make some other additions to your landscape. Flower beds add beautiful curb appeal and who does not love a pop of color in their front yard? The best way to encourage successful flower bed growth is to consider drip irrigation. Not only does drip irrigation promote root growth, but you also receive drought exemption. Drip irrigation uses less than half the water a traditional sprinkler system would use to distribute water. During those hot summer days when your HOA does not allow you to turn on your sprinkler system as often as you would like, rest assured that anything with drip irrigation could be exempt and therefore, able to stay alive and healthy. 


One of your last additions may include flowerpots, but you may not know the best ways to maintain your flowerpots during the spring and summer seasons. Although flowerpots cannot have drip irrigation, they can have a micro bubbler. A micro bubbler will directly water the roots. They have a lower flow of water while still watering your flowers efficiently. They are also easy to hide so it won’t ruin the aesthetic of your blooming flowers. Keep your doorstep bright and colorful this year with a simple addition of a micro bubbler. 


To make sure your yard is set up for success, give Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage and Lighting a call! We are ready and excited to help you with all the bubblers, drip irrigation and micro bubblers you will need this spring.