The Next Generation in Sprinkler Technology

Smart Sprinklers

There have been tons of technological advances in recent years. We have gotten closer to curing cancer than ever before in human history. Cellular phones have become an indispensable part of society, with the power to allow us to handle nearly every aspect of our lives from the palm of our hand. Planning your day has never been easier, with weather outlooks, alarm system controls, television recording equipment, and even your home thermostat and lights settings, just a few swipes away on your phone. Now, your irrigation system and lawn care are moving into the twenty-first century, with smart sprinkler systems.

Smart Sprinklers, Connected to the weather, New Techie Heads

Connected to the weather

Smart Controllers which can receive local weather data, sourced directly from the internet, are the next big thing in home irrigation solutions. These controllers are attached to your sprinkler system, and in real time, monitor what the all-might Google has to say about how much rain your home received during a given time frame. It also can register what the internet says about your local temperature, humidity levels, and more, to provide the best irrigation to keep your lawn looking its best. You won’t need to do anything. This internet-enabled Smart Controller can handle every aspect of your sprinkler system’s planning on its own!

New Techie Heads

Sprinkler heads used to be limited in the range, type, and shape of spray they could put out. There is new technology now which can save you time and money, with one piece of equipment. These new sprinkler heads are GPS-enabled. They can tag-team with your new Smart Controller, to receive direction about which areas of your yard or lawn need more water than others. The head can adjust its direction and range of spray to target specific areas of your lawn without over-watering. Because it is an in-ground system piece, this new sprinkler technology allows your family and friends to enjoy your lawn without hazard or hassle from serpentine hoses or stumps of sprinklers sticking up from the grass to trip the unwary. This new sprinkler head reduces the amounts of piping needed. One head can replace what used to be multiple sprinkler heads, pipes, and wires. There is no downside to these new sprinkler heads! They are the best this millennium has to offer, so far!

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