Plastic and Metal Pipe Connections

Plastic and Metal Pipe ConnectionsAn irrigation system is a smart investment. But if you’re looking to make a few changes, then you might run into a few challenges. Such challenges can include connecting plastic pipes to metal pipes. Yes, plastic and metal pipe can be connected, but you need to be careful. It takes a little finesse. Your best bet is to hire a professional. An irrigation expert will be able to handle the new connections with ease!

Connecting the Two Pipes

To successfully connect plastic and metal pipes, you need threaded connections. The plastic male thread must connect to the metal female thread. If you try to connect it the opposite way – a plastic female to metal male – then the connection will ultimately break or leak.

Why would this cause a leak or break? Well, it’s because polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic is designed to stretch far easier than a metal pipe would. The female PVC pipe with a male metal pipe would put so much pressure on the material that it cannot hold up.

Using a Sealer/Lubricant

Another important aspect of connecting plastic and metal pipe connections is using a sealer or lubricant. By using a sealer or lubricant, the fittings are easier to screw the male into the female. It also helps seal the joint tightly and protect against severe leaks in the coming days. Some of the best sealers to use are Teflon pipe dope, Teflon tape, or PTFE tape.

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