Reasons to Consider Having a Catch Basin Installed on Your Property

There are many reasons to consider having a catch basin installed on your property. A catch basin is an area where water enters your drainage system. It is typically installed in an area of your yard where water tends to accumulate, such as beneath downspouts. Water goes into the basin and then flows into the drainpipes underneath the ground. If you need this important drainage component in your yard, contact the professionals with Andy’s Sprinkler and we’ll have it installed quickly and efficiently.

Why You Want One

Reasons to Consider Having a Catch Basin Installed

If you have bad drainage in your yard, a catch basin can be a big help in times of heavy rainfall. As long as it is installed properly, a catch basin can serve as a rainwater reservoir. If water is allowed to accumulate in your yard and stagnate, there are several problems that can result. Here are some of the more serious ones.

  • Moldy and cracked basement walls
  • Dead lawn areas
  • Cracked concrete in your patio, garage or walkways
  • Water seepage into your garage
  • Seepage under your home’s siding
  • Rotted siding or floor joists
  • Cracked masonry

Stagnant water can result in foul odors and attract insects. It can also have a negative effect on any plants or trees nearby. By having a catch basin installed, however, you can keep the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space and better manage your landscaping. If you are interested in having a catch basin installed in your yard, contact Andy’s Sprinkler online or give us a call at 214-389-3412. Have you had a catch basin installed on your property? If so, what kind of effect has it had on your landscaping? Let us know by clicking one of the social media buttons below.