Reasons to Reroute Your Sprinkler System

Home sprinkler systems are a convenient feature to any landscape. If it has been a while since your original
sprinklers were installed or you are looking to make some changes to your property, a good starting point is to reroute your sprinkler system. For guidance on why a sprinkler reroute may be needed, our technicians at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services have prepared this list of reasons.

  • Problems with your water line or sewer drain, requiring excavation around the location of your current sprinkler heads.

  • Building of a driveway, sidewalk or a retaining wall.

  • Growth or removal of a tree resulting in changes to the amount of sunshine in flower beds and lawn areas.

  • Addition of a swimming pool, fountain or pond to your property.

  • Preparation of new garden or flower beds.

  • Addition or removal of a porch, patio or deck.

  • Addition of a new room onto your home or the building of a new garage on your property.

  • Changing of the plants in your landscape design.

  • The addition of an irrigation system on a neighbor’s property which changes the amount of watering your plants require.

Benefits of Rerouting Your Sprinkler SystemReroute Your Sprinkler System

When our Austin sprinkler company reroutes your sprinkler system, you can enjoy the convenience that an automatic sprinkler system offers. You won’t have to drag along an unwieldy garden hose to reach new areas in need of irrigation. Rerouting an automatic sprinkler system can help you conserve water by only irrigating the areas that need it.

Whether you need a reroute your sprinkler system, maintenance or sprinkler system repair, our team at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services is ready to assist you. We have years of experience in serving the Austin area’s need for home sprinkler systems that will beautify and add value to your home. For more information on a professional reroute of your automated sprinkler system, give us a call today at 512-836-5100.