Signs That You Have a Drainage Problem

drainage irrigation

Oh, how lovely Spring can be! The birds begin to chirp, dormant grass begins to brighten, and you can feel the winter blues start to fade away!

However, this pleasant transition from winter to spring can come crumbling down when you look outside your window and all you see are patches of areas with no plant growth, a nuisance amount of standing water, and exposed roots erupting from the ground. These unfortunate occurrences can all be key indicators of possible drainage problems.

We know it can be difficult to identify signs of possible drainage issues. Some signs might be more subtle than others, but we have listed a few to help you out.

Signs of Drainage Problems:

  • Soggy Trouble Spots of Standing Water
  • Soil Erosion
  • Poor Plant Health
  • Excessive Mosquitos
  • Neighbors Complaining About Water Flowing from Your Yard onto Theirs
  • Unusual Water Stains on Base of Home Perimeter

Now you may be wondering, “Well, even if I do see these in my yard, how much harm could it really cause?” Unfortunately, the result can be very harmful to the landscape of your home. Unusual root intrusions, broken sprinklers, poor plant health, irregular water stains around the perimeter of your home or neighbors complaining about water flowing from your yard onto theirs. These are only a select few of the unfortunate possible indicators that you have a drainage problem.

Your yard may have already become a mosquito infestation, a graveyard for plant life or the reason your neighbor’s front lawn has become a swamp. The time to act is now!

While the Egyptians may have been the first documented civilizations to have created drainage systems, Andy’s has certainly perfected the art of identifying the issue, providing the best resolution, and leaving your lawn better than before.

At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage and Lighting we are here for all your drainage needs to give the joys of spring back to you and your family. Give us a call or contact us online to find out more.