Sprinkler Climate Sensors Check

If you’ve ever thought about the wasted water from sprinklers running during and after rainfall, you’d be shocked, especially with water conservation being a very big concern for Texans. A sprinkler climate sensors prevents sprinklers from coming on when weather dictates the need to avoid watering.

Climate SensorsSprinkler climate sensors, also know as rain and freeze sensors usually have a battery. Spring is the time we recommend checking the operation of all sensors to ensure sprinklers aren’t running during or after a rain event. It’s one of the best ways to save water.

Every city in the Dallas Fort Worth area has a city ordinance that requires homeowners to have rain or freeze sensors so sprinkler systems are watering only when they need to be watering and do not run when it is not necessary.

If you have questions or need help installing sprinkler climate sensors to your sprinkler system, do not hesitate to contact Andy’s at:

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